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Team Jacob Is Taking On Door County Triathlon

Elite Angel Brian McWilliams is setting out to raise funds for myTEAM TRIUMPH in a very unique way.  Brian will be participating in the Door County Sprint Triathlon with Captain Jacob, and is challenging people to get involved and donate to Team Jacob, while having the opportunity to choose Brian’s race equipment and outfits.

Brian is the owner of McWilliams Training, which is a Sports Medicine, Athletic Training, Industrial Therapy, and Endurance Coaching business.  He is a member and coach of Green Bay Multisport, which is an organization that provides multisport athletes of all ages and abilities the opportunity to compete through team training opportunities and various educational opportunities.  Brian’s race history includes everything from 5Ks, Muddy Buddy races, half marathons, and all distances of Triathlon, up to the Ironman Distance.

Along with Brian’s background in Sports Medicine, he also has a concentration in adapted physical education.  While he was studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison he had the opportunity to work with people with various disabilities, and found that he really enjoyed working with that population.  Brian’s instructor was a high level Triathlete who showed that there were great opportunities to incorporate sports passion with the desire to help others.

Brian had the opportunity to see Team Hoyt speak several years ago, and also drew inspiration from the fact that Dick has given so much of himself to allow his son Rick the opportunity to participate in so many events.  After seeing mTT Captains participating in many local events, Brian was inspired to sign up as an Angel.

Captain Jacob and Brian, along with Angels Tricia and Greg, ran the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon this past May. Brian and Jacob were able to form a great relationship by attending many of the Prevea training runs.  Brian quickly learned that he and Jacob both enjoy racing fast, which makes them a pretty good team!

While there are a lot of amazing and worthwhile causes, mTT is something Brian is truly passionate about, which makes fundraising easy and enjoyable.  He says that getting people involved by offering fun challenges and potentially having to look silly during the event are an easy trade-off  if funds are raised to purchase equipment  to allow more opportunities for Captains.

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Jacob and Brian are challenging other triathlon participants to try to beat them.  They can pledge a dollar amount, and if they beat Team Jacob, Brian will donate the pledge, up to $500 total, to mTT.  If Team Jacob beats them, they are asked to donate the pledge to mTT.

People also have the opportunity to donate to mTT and challenge (and potentially embarrass) Brian along the way!  People can donate to have Brian use a certain piece of equipment or wear  a certain article of clothing, as long as it doesn’t pose a safety risk to Jacob or Brian.

For the swim (Brian is planning on wearing a wetsuit):

  • No wetsuit; $75
  • Synchronized swim cap, $75
  • A floatie around Brian’s waist; $100
  • Brian will wear a Speedo in the color of your choice; $300
  • Other ideas; dollar amount of choice

For the bike (Brian is planning on riding his Specialized Road Bike, Jacob will be riding in the bike trailer behind Brian):

  • Brian to ride his Specialized mountain bike with clipless pedals; $50
  • Brian to ride his 1994 Diamondback Sorrento that he’s had since college; $200
  • Brian to ride his wife’s 47 cm Trek Triathlon bike; $150
  • Brian to wear an aero helmet backwards, $75
  • Other ideas; dollar amount of choice

For the run (Brian is planning on wearing a tri suit with racing running shoes):

  • Run in a sombrero; $75
  • Run in a tutu; $100
  • Jacob gets a water gun that can be reloaded at water stations; $75
  • Run in green Chuck Taylors; $250
  • Other ideas; dollar amount of choice

Brian will wear as many outfits and use as much equipment as possible, but Jacob and Brian will still try to beat as many people as possible!

Brian is also encouraging people to sign up for future events.  One of his favorite quotes by Steve Prefontaine is “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”.  He says that being an Angel has been such a rewarding experience, and Captains don’t care if you run a 6 minute mile or a 13 minute mile–they just enjoy the opportunity to compete in events!

To learn about Brian’s fundraising effort or to donate, CLICK HERE

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Announcing 2012 Titletown Bike Tour Roster

Together We Triumph 

myTEAM TRIUMPH will be participating in the 12th Annual Titletown Bike Tour, fielding four teams of challenged athletes along with their Charity Angels who pull them in specialized bike trailers.  mTT would like to extend a huge “Thank You” to the Titletown Bike Tour organization and The Breast Cancer Family Foundation for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful event!  Our Captains and Angels had so many enjoyable training experiences and were able to build lasting relationships.


Captain Samantha Liesch

  • Donna Powers
  • Daniel Caceres-Campos
  • Tom Swingen

Captain Brysson Dahlin

  • Eric Ruechel
  • Mike Fameree
  • Tim Gibbin

Captain Owen Wilkerson

  • Todd Raley
  • Rhea Kratzer
  • Jay Kennard

Captain Jonathan Wesley

  • Summer Ennis
  • Nathan Ennis
  • Mike Christman

How to support myTEAM TRIUMPH in the 2012 Titletown Bike Tour:

Connect with myTEAM TRIUMPH

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Worth The Hurt

On July 28, Brian Gruender will embark another journey to honor wounded and fallen soldiers and to raise awareness and funds for myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin.  Brian is one of six athletes sponsored by Worth The Hurt and he, along with myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin Executive Director Christian Jensen, will be headed to San Francisco at the end of July to run the Worth The Hurt 52.4 Ultra-marathon, in conjunction with The Wipro San Francisco Marathon.

What is Worth The Hurt?  From their website:

“Worth The Hurt is a fundraising platform for athletes to receive cash-based incentives to support charitable giving.

Worth The Hurt will beta test the concept by sponsoring six of running’s most prolific fund-raisers for six Worthy causes throughout the year. These worthy athletes will participate in endurance events towards a broader ultra-fundraising goal, inspiring others to form their own ultra-campaigns and tell their story. They will come together at various endurance events across the globe to celebrate their accomplishments.

The first celebration event will be the WTH 52.4 Ultramarathon at The Wipro San Francisco Marathon on July 29, 2012, where our WTH Sponsored Athletes will invite other endurance athletes to join their WTH Athlete Team to fundraise for one of six Worthy causes. WTH 52.4 participants will accept an audacious challenge: to run the marathon twice, back-to-back.”

Brian will be joined by Christian, Peter Gunn, Andrew Jensen, and Rebecca Blum, who will all be running to raise funds for mTT.  To pay homage to our fallen heroes, Brian and Christian will push an empty adaptive racing chair for the duration of the WTH Ultra.

Please consider joining Brian in his quest to raise awareness for mTT and wounded warriors.  If you would like to donate to Brain’s team, please visit this site.  Athletes have an opportunity to sign up to run with Brian, and are asked to raise a minimum of 1,500 through the Worth The Hurt fundraising platform by August 31, 2012.  Each Official WTH 52.4 participant will receive entry into the WTH Ultra, along with

  • a WTH technical shirt
  • an official San Francisco Full Marathon technical shirt
  • a WTH medal and an official San Francisco Full Marathon medal
  • official San Francisco Full Marathon electronic finisher’s certificate
  • race entry reimbursement (assuming fundraising minimum is met)
  • recognition and customizable listing on the WTH Athlete Team Page
  • an opportunity to apply to become a 2013 WTH Sponsored Athlete
  • a Gold Level WTH virtual badge designation
  • exposure through WTH marketing and public relations efforts

Brian’s amazing season of Promises To Keep kicked off on March 16th.  Brian had a dream of running from his hometown of Kenosha, Wisconsin to Appleton, Wisconsin, his current city of residence, to honor Wisconsin soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Brian was joined by decorated Army Veteran and ultra-runner Roy Pirrung and decorated USAF Lt. Col. Vietnam and Korean War veteran, two-time cancer survivor and Boston Marathoner Clarence Hartley for the Courage Festival.  These men shared about overcoming trials and keeping their promises.  Over the course of two days, Brian endured unseasonably high temperatures, lack of sleep, and physical and emotional exhaustion, never once forgetting the promises he made to so many.

The final portion of the PTK135 was The Promises To Keep 10K, in which 50 participants, including active and veteran services members, pushed veteran Josh Guernsey, who served three years overseas and then was injured in a car accident, in an adaptive running chair.  Each participant wore bib number 158 to represent the number of fallen Wisconsin soldiers.  One runner was not greater than another, and everyone took turns pushing Captain Josh and supporting him for the entire six miles.  PTK was an amazing event that has turned in to a year-long effort that has inspired so many people to make and keep their own promises.

Along with PTK135 and the WTH 52.4 Ultra, Brian has set up a season of incredible challenges that truly demonstrates his commitment to mTT and WTH.  He will wear the colors and logos for each organization for each of his races, in hopes of inspiring even one person to join in and support these causes.

Brian’s schedule for the year, which will total roughly 21 marathons in just eight months, is as follows:

March 17:  Promises To Keep 135 ultra-marathon
May 12:  Ice Age 50 mile ultra-marathon
May 20:  Cellcom Green Bay Marathon with mTT Captain, Mary Cox
June 2:  Kettle Moraine 100 mile ultra-marathon
July 29:  52.4 Worth The Hurt 52.4 Ultra-marathon
September 15:  The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile ultra-marathon
September 23:  Community First Fox Cities Marathon with mTT Captain, John Ebel
October 13:  Twin Peaks 50 mile ultra-marathon in the Santa Ana Mountains, California
October 20:  Door County Fall 50 ultra-marathon

Brian and myTEAM TRIUMPH would like to thank Worth The Hurt and the San Francisco Marathon for the opportunity and honor to run and raise awareness for the organization.

To learn more about Brian’s journey with Worth The Hurt, please tune in to NBC 26 morning news on July 10th, between 6:30-7:00 am.  You can follow Brian and all of the WTH athletes on Twitter @WorthTheHurt, as well as following along on the WTH website: www.worththehurt.net

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United Healthcare is the Official mTT Sponsor for the Packers 5K

myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin is excited to announce United Healthcare as our official Packers 5K sponsor!

United Healthcare is a recognized leader in the health and well-being industry.  Their family of companies delivers innovative products and services to approximately 70 million Americans.  As stated on their website, UH strives to:

  • improve the quality and effectiveness of health care for all Americans
  • enhance access to health benefits
  • create products and services that make health care more affordable
  • use technology to make the health care system easier to navigate

Together, mTT and UH provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to build lasting relationships through training and the opportunity to participate in endurance events.  We thank United Healthcare for their partnership and believing in greater abilities!

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Promises To Keep Ultramarathon

The Promises To Keep Ultramarathon is an awareness and fundraising campaign during the Green Bay Running Club Ultramarathon on June 16th, 2012.

Christian Jensen, Executive Director of myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin Chapter will be attempting his first ultramarathon while pushing an empty adaptive racing chair seeking to honor our wounded veterans.

Why?  myTEAM TRIUMPH provides wounded warriors the thrill and mentoring opportunities of endurance athletics that help them get reintegrated into a positive, healthy and supportive environment upon returning from their service.

How you can show your support:

Join Christian for any duration of his run
Location: Shorewood Golf Course parking lot   
Course: The beautiful trails on the UW-GB Campus.  The route will cover 4.4 miles and will be repeated for 6 hours!  Check out the route map

Time: Race starts at 5 am, however you are invited to come and run with Christian any time during the event.  Each lap will take roughly 50 minutes to complete.
Lap 1 start: 5:00
Lap 2 start: 5:50
Lap 3 start: 6:40
Lap 4 start: 7:30
Lap 5 start: 8:20
Lap 6 start: 9:10
Lap 7 start: 10:00

If you are planning on joining the run, we invite you to make a donation and come out at the beginning of the lap time above.  Please note, this is an estimated start time.  For the most updated location, check out the live tracking site: http://www.mapmytracks.com/explore/tag/ptkultra

Thank you so much for your support!


Record-Setting 18 Teams Complete the 2012 Bellin Run 10K, Sponsored by Bellin Health

Congratulations on a Triumphant Bellin Run!

Among the more that 18,000 participants were 18 myTEAM TRIUMPH Heroes!!!  We at myTEAM TRIUMPH were honored to have you participate with us this year!  We sincerely hope your experience was one you will not forget!

Thank you to all who donated and raised funds for myTEAM TRIUMPH.  Because of your support, we are able to provide life-enhancing programs to our Angels, Captains and Volunteers which build authentic, lasting relationships!  We are excited to announce that you’ve raised more than $8,000!!!  Way to go!

Please join us for our Post Race Celebration at Texas Roadhouse in Green Bay anytime today, June 12th from 4-10 pm!!!  Bring this flyer with you and 10% of your bill will be donated back to mTT!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Thank you to Frank Hermans from Let Me Be Frank Productions for getting us “twisting” and laughing during our pre-race warm up!

Special thank you to the Bellin Run race coordinators for helping make the day a very special one for our Captains!

Finally, thank you Bellin Health for sponsoring myTEAM TRIUMPH in this awesome event!!!

Stay connected!

If you’ve been inspired by our Captains and Angels, please consider getting involved with myTEAM TRIUMPH.  Check out our upcoming events HERE

View and post your photos and videos of the race on our Facebook page:

You can also share them on Twitter and Instagram with us @myteamtriumphwi and #mttbr12

On behalf of all of us at myTEAM TRIUMPH, congratulations and thank you!


Announcing 2012 Bellin 10K Roster, Sponsored by Bellin Health

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Together We Triumph 

myTEAM TRIUMPH will be participating in the 2012 Bellin 10K, fielding 18 teams of challenged athletes along with their Charity Angels who push them in specialized running chairs.  mTT would like to extend a huge “Thank You” to the Bellin Running Crew and Bellin Health for allowing us to be a part of the training runs!  Our Captains and Angels had so many enjoyable training experiences and have been able to build lasting relationships through these runs.

A special thank you to Bellin Health for sponsoring myTEAM TRIUMPH in the 2012 Bellin Run!


Team Jenna Ravet

  • Cassidy McGowan
  • Stefan Fabian
  • Jeffrey Geiger

Team Deena Giriyappa

  • Matt Ziemer
  • Laura Ziemer
  • Lisa Kafka

Team Sam Liesch

  • Greg Tinberg
  • Linsay Tinberg
  • Katie Bischoff

Team Jacob Vandenberg

  • Summer Ennis
  • Stephanie Pereira da Silva
  • Daniel Caceres-Campos
  • Aimee Lind

Team Trystan Willems-Wagner

  • Craig Morford
  • Kris Perry
  • Tom Simons
  • George Kerwin

Team Mary Cox

  • Christian Jensen
  • Britt Ecklund

Team Kyle Driessen

  • Eric Brinkmann
  • Beth Vandervest
  • Tracy Zollar
  • Tina Miller

Team Emily Williams

  • Samantha Hohn
  • Ramsey Bloy
  • Andrew Philibeck

Team Melanie Gregorich

  • Mark Messer
  • Katie Gannon
  • Jim Gannon

Team Elena Hruska

  • Mark Smith
  • Bill Withbroe
  • Tammy Wagner

Team Adam Voisin

  • Jeff Voisin
  • Lisa Voisin
  • Johanna Perrini

Team Jonathan Wesley

  • Ann Senn
  • Lori Witt
  • Jeri Howey

Team Brooke Coniff

  • John Opichka
  • Cindy Opichka
  • Brielle Opichka

Team Jed Gilson

  • Jennifer Wiezbiskie
  • Stacy Hess
  • Sandra Hanmann

Team Jillean Scanlan

  • Jim Cucinello
  • Tracy Scanlan
  • Phil Scanlan

Team Adam Sharick

  • Mark Gruender
  • Alyssa Gruender
  • Chad Gruender

Team Arthur Schinke

  • Jason Borley
  • Melissa Davis
  • Adam Lofquist

Team Grace Weyenberg

  • Todd Weyenberg
  • Amy Anderson
  • Gary Anderson


  • Allison Pierce
  • Deb Vandenberg
  • Jeff Vandenberg
  • Josh Pierce
  • Sandy Mentzel
  • Mike Mentzel
  • Clark Radatz
  • Megan Habel
  • Brenda Peotter
  • Donna Powers
  • Pam Jensen
  • Geri Radatz

How to support myTEAM TRIUMPH in the 2012 Bellin 10K:

Connect with myTEAM TRIUMPH

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