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Team Jacob Is Taking On Door County Triathlon

Elite Angel Brian McWilliams is setting out to raise funds for myTEAM TRIUMPH in a very unique way.  Brian will be participating in the Door County Sprint Triathlon with Captain Jacob, and is challenging people to get involved and donate to Team Jacob, while having the opportunity to choose Brian’s race equipment and outfits.

Brian is the owner of McWilliams Training, which is a Sports Medicine, Athletic Training, Industrial Therapy, and Endurance Coaching business.  He is a member and coach of Green Bay Multisport, which is an organization that provides multisport athletes of all ages and abilities the opportunity to compete through team training opportunities and various educational opportunities.  Brian’s race history includes everything from 5Ks, Muddy Buddy races, half marathons, and all distances of Triathlon, up to the Ironman Distance.

Along with Brian’s background in Sports Medicine, he also has a concentration in adapted physical education.  While he was studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison he had the opportunity to work with people with various disabilities, and found that he really enjoyed working with that population.  Brian’s instructor was a high level Triathlete who showed that there were great opportunities to incorporate sports passion with the desire to help others.

Brian had the opportunity to see Team Hoyt speak several years ago, and also drew inspiration from the fact that Dick has given so much of himself to allow his son Rick the opportunity to participate in so many events.  After seeing mTT Captains participating in many local events, Brian was inspired to sign up as an Angel.

Captain Jacob and Brian, along with Angels Tricia and Greg, ran the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon this past May. Brian and Jacob were able to form a great relationship by attending many of the Prevea training runs.  Brian quickly learned that he and Jacob both enjoy racing fast, which makes them a pretty good team!

While there are a lot of amazing and worthwhile causes, mTT is something Brian is truly passionate about, which makes fundraising easy and enjoyable.  He says that getting people involved by offering fun challenges and potentially having to look silly during the event are an easy trade-off  if funds are raised to purchase equipment  to allow more opportunities for Captains.

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Jacob and Brian are challenging other triathlon participants to try to beat them.  They can pledge a dollar amount, and if they beat Team Jacob, Brian will donate the pledge, up to $500 total, to mTT.  If Team Jacob beats them, they are asked to donate the pledge to mTT.

People also have the opportunity to donate to mTT and challenge (and potentially embarrass) Brian along the way!  People can donate to have Brian use a certain piece of equipment or wear  a certain article of clothing, as long as it doesn’t pose a safety risk to Jacob or Brian.

For the swim (Brian is planning on wearing a wetsuit):

  • No wetsuit; $75
  • Synchronized swim cap, $75
  • A floatie around Brian’s waist; $100
  • Brian will wear a Speedo in the color of your choice; $300
  • Other ideas; dollar amount of choice

For the bike (Brian is planning on riding his Specialized Road Bike, Jacob will be riding in the bike trailer behind Brian):

  • Brian to ride his Specialized mountain bike with clipless pedals; $50
  • Brian to ride his 1994 Diamondback Sorrento that he’s had since college; $200
  • Brian to ride his wife’s 47 cm Trek Triathlon bike; $150
  • Brian to wear an aero helmet backwards, $75
  • Other ideas; dollar amount of choice

For the run (Brian is planning on wearing a tri suit with racing running shoes):

  • Run in a sombrero; $75
  • Run in a tutu; $100
  • Jacob gets a water gun that can be reloaded at water stations; $75
  • Run in green Chuck Taylors; $250
  • Other ideas; dollar amount of choice

Brian will wear as many outfits and use as much equipment as possible, but Jacob and Brian will still try to beat as many people as possible!

Brian is also encouraging people to sign up for future events.  One of his favorite quotes by Steve Prefontaine is “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”.  He says that being an Angel has been such a rewarding experience, and Captains don’t care if you run a 6 minute mile or a 13 minute mile–they just enjoy the opportunity to compete in events!

To learn about Brian’s fundraising effort or to donate, CLICK HERE


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One comment on “Team Jacob Is Taking On Door County Triathlon

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